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Clinic Listing

If you have never refereed you need to find a clinic for NEW referees. Once you become a referee, one is required to RECERTIFY every year on the Laws of the Game. If you are new to officiating please be sure to read our section on Becoming a Referee.

PWSRA sponsors and conducts USSF-approved training clinics for new and returning referees. PWSRA referees do not need to certify or re-certify with us. Likewise, referees from other areas are welcome to train with us even if they cannot ref for us. On the left panel are the current PWSRA offerings. The advantage of training with us if you’re a Prince William resident is that we’re close. Referees are also encouraged to branch out of their comfort zone and attend clinics in other areas as well.

In all cases, check the listing on the State Referee site as one can certify anywhere and still work with us. Details are listed on the left of this page.

The official listing of approved clinics is always located on the State Referee web site.

Why Not More Recert Classes?

"I was unable to attend the recertification class. Why won’t you schedule another one?"