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New Referee Training

Saturday April 1

Location: Chinn Park

Two sessions available - 1:00 and 2:15 p.m.  Both will last approximately 90 minutes.

Come in uniform. If your uniform hasn't arrived yet, wear your refereeing shes, comfortable shorts, and we will outfit you for the rest for the day.

Session 1 - 1:00 p.m.

  1. Reagan Abbey
  2. Lauren Atkinson
  3. Nathan Atkinson
  4. Sarah Boyt
  5. Madison Cofer
  6. Madison Coleman
  7. Tyler Comey
  8. Irving Coreas
  9. Quentin Crocker
  10. Christopher Domingos-Kioza
  11. Alex Esguerra
  12. Matthew Grauel
  13. Natalie Martin
  14. Sammy McKee
  15. Alexander Monticenos
  16. Gabrille Monticenos
  17. Jessica Montecinos
  18. Mondell Opoku
  19. Whitney Reed
  20. Kyle Rodrgiuez
  21. Nathan Sheviak
  22. Soren Thompson

Session 2 - 2:15 p.m.

  1. April Blankenship
  2. Marcel Brillant
  3. Matthew Bruzzini
  4. Connell Calvert
  5. Tomas Calvert
  6. Ethan Crane
  7. Megan Colcombe
  8. Gabrille Griese
  9. GianCarlo Gonzalez
  10. Parker Hollenbeck
  11. Trent Fisher
  12. William Harrigan
  13. Jaxon Krieger
  14. Kevin Lainez
  15. Isabella Millner
  16. Jessica Montecinos
  17. Joshua Russell
  18. Sean Tivnan
  19. Jacob Vayer
  20. Alyssa Villanueva
  21. Andrew Xhixho

Mentors (Need 4-8):

  1. John Andre
  2. Clay Brenke
  3. Acacia Ellis
  4. Tiberia Flesariu
Clinic Listing

If you have never refereed you need to find a clinic for NEW referees. Once you become a referee, one is required to RECERTIFY every year on the Laws of the Game. If you are new to officiating please be sure to read our section on Becoming a Referee.

PWSRA sponsors and conducts USSF-approved training clinics for new and returning referees. PWSRA referees do not need to certify or re-certify with us. Likewise, referees from other areas are welcome to train with us even if they cannot ref for us. On the left panel are the current PWSRA offerings. The advantage of training with us if you’re a Prince William resident is that we’re close. Referees are also encouraged to branch out of their comfort zone and attend clinics in other areas as well.

In all cases, check the listing on the State Referee site as one can certify anywhere and still work with us. Details are listed on the left of this page.

The official listing of approved clinics is always located on the State Referee web site.



Photo: Paul Tamberino, MLS Ref of the Year 1998-2001, joins a New-8 Referee Clinic on March 6, 2016


Why Not More Recert Classes?

Referees are required to recertify each year if they want to officiate. Their certification expires December 31 of the year of their badge.

Clinics to recertify begin in August and continue through December. At PWSRA we encourage our referees to certify in August before the Fall season. The Laws are modified each year and those modifications take place each year on July 1. It is professional practice to know those changes before refereeing the Fall.

PWSRA hosts all recertifications before December 31. Our attention after January 1 is to train new referees.

Yet each year in January, February, March, referees will approach us and ask that we have another recertification clinic because they missed it. We believe that sponsoring classes in the next calendar year enables procrastination. Too many refs simply put off taking a class until the last moment then find themselves in a scheduling bind. At some point, becoming recertified must be a priority for a referee, not simply an afterthought that comes only if no better activity is planned.

It is the goal of the State Referee Program to have all referees recertified by the end of the calendar year. By advertising well in advance that these are the only classes we will offer, we hope that referees will get the message that if they want to certify with us they will make our class a priority. Otherwise, they are free to travel out of area to find other recertification clinics or join us at one of our New referee classes next year.

Finally, we simply don’t have the resources to be holding recertification clinics in January, February, and March. This is prime time to train new referees but our 2016 referees are welcome to join us then in a New Referee clinic.

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