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Instructions/Directions to Clinic Participants

You must complete the 17 online modules before the clinic to attend the clinic. 

To access the online modules, log in as you did to sign up for the clinic, select your clinic under Confirmed Reg, then click "Load Session Tracker." Select each of the 17 sessions for each of the 17 online modules.  My recommendation: Do no more than 3-4 in an evening.

The location:


The training room is located in the concession stand which is between Fields 2 and 3 at Howison Park. There is no parking at the building and the park rangers get very annoyed at the driver of any vehicle driven up the access road which is marked Authorized and Emergency Vehicles Only. Best park or drop any new referees no later than five minutes prior to the clinic in the lower parking lot and they can walk the 250 yards to the building. Access is on the right side to the door marked Training Room. We will be upstairs.

For people dropping off referees, please do not be late in picking up the referee. I do not leave any child unattended and, well, just don't be late.

Referees should be prepared to go outside at least once to do some field work. I cannot always predict when that will be but wear comfortable clothing and some type of running shoe (not cleats). Before the end of the clinic we will test and every referee must bring a pencil or pen. A clipboard or book may be useful too.

The Laws of the Game are available at:

Referees should read the Laws. You can print a copy or you can try to order one but last I checked they were out of stock:

There are no concessions on site but you are welcome to bring food and snacks. Note that we operate under Colorado Rules - Carry In, Carry Out.

At the end of the clinic you will know your test score and whether you passed or failed. If you pass you will leave with a 2017 badge. If you fail you will not receive a badge but can (and I hope you do) retest later. We want you on the field but you must do your part by taking advantages of these resources.

Finally, whether you have completed the videos or not, I also encourage you to view the videos at US Soccer. These are not part of our training system but some Laws have been updated since your training videos were deployed. I especially recommend you review Laws 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 (although the videos in Laws 5 and 6 haven't changed so you can decide whether to watch that content again).

You will have to provide name, email, and state association (DCV). You do not need a clinic number. I cannot and do not monitor them.

This is a course in the Laws of the Game. I will supplement what you are responsible for learning from the videos but I will not be teaching all the Laws.


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