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PWSI Icebreaker

Welcome to the 21st annual Icebreaker Tournament in support of the US Youth Soccer's Kickback Program.  

The Icebreaker will be held over three weekends:

Dates of Play:
Boys 15U-19U: March 10-11
(All matches on Synthetic Turf Fields)

Girls 15U-19U: March 17-18
(All matches on Synthetic Turf Fields)

Boys & Girls 9U-14U: March 24-25 
(Matches on Synthetic Turf & Bermuda Grass Fields)

The past several years has seen an average of 450 teams compete over the two weekends for the right to be crowned Icebreaker Champions.

Referees are needed. All referees must apply using the application form. You can call, text, or email me but I will almost guarantee that I will lose your information. The application captures your availability in a spreadsheet which I work from.

One application per referee is needed. Even for friends and families and carpools. One application per ref.

The first two weekends will be played on the turf fields at Hellwig (Independent Hill), Howison (Woodbridge), and Long Park (Haymarket). The third weekend will be on the turf fields of Howison, Hellwig, and Long Park as well as the Bermuda grass fields at Valley View.


Apply to Referee - The application is open. 

One must be certified for 2018 to officiate in this tournament.

02.24 - Sent update message to all referees who applied. If you believe you applied (using the application form) and did not receive the message, contact Boys 15-19: March 10-11, 2018 (schedule to be released this week) 17U-19U will play 3 games only; 15U-16U will play 3 games and have finals/championship.  This is an SAT weekend so 17-19 games will have one Saturday and two Sunday.  Howison & Hellwig will host the majority of games.  Long will have only U17 Boys for the weekend (all other age groups at Howison & Hellwig). As of 6:00 a.m. Sat. 02.24, schedules have not been released.

02.24 - 100% of referee availability is captured from the form the referee submits. For Tournaments, for this assignor, it is useless to use GameOfficials availabilty, either to make oneself available or to block a date/time. All assignments are done offline then uploaded to GameOfficials which will ignore whatever blocks or availablity the referee may have set. Changes made after submission should be emailed to the assignor.

02.26 - Schedules were delivered to me this morning in a mayonnaise jar left on my doorstep (I thought they would be at Funk & Wagnalls). The schedules are for the first two weekends (March 10-11, 17-18). I am out part of the day with appointments and then will start the process. It is a timely process to go from a mayonnaise jar to GameOfficials just to have the schedules online. And then more timely to start assigning referees. Still, I am hopeful by Wednesday (Feb. 28) I will have something for the boys' weekend and probably for the girls' weekend also. 

02.27  - I will have a first look at assignments tomorrow, Wed. Feb. 28, for both the boys' (March 10-11) and girls' (March 17-18) weekends. I have no clue about schedules for March 24-25 which is the BIG weekend we will need everybody. For the older players' weekends I have given preference to State Referees, VYSA and USYSA National Young Referees of the Year, and PWSRA members (if you regularly work for me I know exactly where to slot you in), and everybody else. I will let everyone know where they stand. 

For those close to and wanting Long Park assignments: There are only five games on March 10, all starting after 3:00 p.m. (SATs), and none on March 18. March 11 and 17 are in play with a mostly-full schedule at Long Park. 

02.28 - Assignments for March 10-11, 17-18 have been published. Many will be declined or expire so more will be forthcoming. Nothing is known about March 24-25. Will message refs tomorrow about status.

03.02 - Published assignments for March 10-11, 17-18 but many more than the initial offerings were made today from declinations and errors. And some turnbacks. There are still 30 games not accepted and may roll over to "next ref up." I will let everyone know when every game is accepted. If there are turnbacks to accepted games, I will then broadcast the openings I have. Will need everyone for March 24-25 but have not seen any schedules yet.

03.03 - There are 20 offers for March 10-11, 17-18, that haven't been accepted. Number one cause of declined offers: Someone (usually a soccer dad) signing up for games as a crew with someone else who doesn't plan to ref. This is why I insist on an application from each ref for each ref. If those 20 games are declined, the games for March 11 will be available in our open games link. There are some there now but they're in an offered/pending status. But if they become available I will take volunteers. 

03.06 - Message 4 sent today. If you applied using the application form you should be receiving the email updates. Check with me if you are not. It probably means that I don't have your info. Or I messed up. All positions covered for the first two weekends. Keep March 24-25 open. For field loading check the field loading page.

Schedule changes - Deleted 70044, 16U-M, March 10, 8:00 a.m. Howison-2; Added 16U-M, March 11, Howison, 6:00 pm

03.07 - Well, wasn't that special? Lost all of Sunday's (March 11) games at Howison-3 to Potomac H.S., Hellwig, and Long Park. Tomorrow let's roll out a new updated availability form for March 24-25.

03.08 - Before I put names on games for March 24-25, referees are asked to update their preferences based on field size (full vs small) and location (Hellwig, 9-12G; Howison 13-14G; Long Park 9-12B; Valley View 13-14B and one 12B). One doesn't need to and if you don't I will use the original submission.

03.09 - More games canceled (team pulled out). Sat 4:50 H1; Sun 1:00 PHS; 4:20 H2, replaced with 6:00 H1. GameOfficials has been updated. Please play along and accept if you need to. Thanks!

I have decided to spare you all another message today. Thanks to those updating their preferences for March 24-25. I will not get much time over the weekend to work on assignments but am imposing my own deadling of Tuesday March 13 to publish all assignments for March 24-25.

03.13 - I will let everyone know when the tournament is completely assigned. One thing to keep in mind is this is a giant puzzle with some exact pieces that only fit in certain locations and some interchangable pieces that will git anywhere. When the puzzle is complete, and it was, one cannot reasonable expect to move to another part of the puzzle that is filled in. If these were just little cardboard cutouts, we could, but these are people and we can't simply lift that puzzle piece from that time/location that they accept and moved them because a referee decided they  want something different. Puzzle pieces yes. Referees no.

03.14 - Going to try again today to push out assignments. I started but this assignor made some errors so we have to pull some things back.

03.15 - Beware the Ides of March. I will have plenty of openings for March 24-25 but a number of referees are sitting on game offers. Kindly ask them to act, prefer accept, but decline now is better than expire later. Picture should become clearer on Friday.

Icebreaker 2018
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