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PWSRA is one of the oldest and largest club affiliation associations in Virginia and is the home club of Stephanie Myrick, the US Youth Soccer and VYSA Young Female Referee of the Year for 2009 and of Ryan White, the VYSA Young Male Referee of the Year for 2007 and 2008. You are joining a support network to help you be successful. Fees are $5 per season for youth referees and $10 per season for adult referees but not to exceed 10% of anyone’s pay. Fees will be deducted from the checks for the spring or fall season.


A referee’s responsibility to managing a game begins with an assignment. Assigning is done by a certified assignor via an Internet program at We suggest that parents of young referees either use a parent’s email account or set up a joint parent-youth referee account for this purpose. Every referee will need a separate account.

The ability to check and respond to email once every 2-3 days is a requirement. We can accommodate referees on vacation if you alert us to that fact. Many referees have failed in their attempt to be a referee because they lacked the organizational skills and sometimes motivation at handling the administrative part of the job.

Using we expect referees to to indicate their availability for games by blocking out dates and times they are not available. Therefore, when we make offers for a specific date, it is our expectation that declinations will be few. Officials who do not act on offers or repeatedly decline offers will not be offered games in the future.

Once accepted, a game assignment belongs to the official and the official cannot turn back the assignment online. However, referees can contact the assignor and have them remove them from an assignment. Turnbacks less than 24 hours before a match may not be able to be covered (we do NOT have hundreds of referees waiting to take games on a moments’ notice) and the referee could be fined for a late turnback.

To gain access the Arbiter we will purchase a license for you. We talk about assigning in depth at our pre-season meeting.

IMPORTANT: Once a referee receives access to the and instructions on logging in, it is important they do so as soon as possible. This is the first and sometimes only indication we have as to whether a referee will be responsive to emails regarding assignments, reassignments, and cancellations during the season.

When you get the login information, please add to your personal information which may already have been loaded. Add your Social Security number to this secure site. We can’t assign without it. Also be sure to add a cell number that you may have with you at the field. Please don’t use parentheses when adding phone numbers. Just xxx xxx.xxxx.


Once the season begins, we look to actively evaluate and mentor our referees so that we do not put a referee in over their head. Putting a referee at too high of level too fast will often lead to frustration and cause the referee to quit.

Our preseason meeting for new referees is Monday August 27 McCoart Building (1 County Complex Ct., Wdbg). While we will have a referee meeting for all referees on August 30, it is not required for you to attend the meeting on August 30.

The introductory meeting is very important to review the assigning process as well as to prepare referees for their first assignments.



We send a weekly message, almost always on Fridays, to our referees. It usually contains a TEST YOURSELF question to keep referees thinking. While these appear to be sent to an individual email address they will be marked as “broadcast” messages to indicate they go to all officials. For this messaging we can add a second and third email address per official so if you use a couple addresses (work and home; parent and child) we can copy and paste the additional addresses into our compose box for sending. Let us know if you have additional addresses that we should send to.


Every referee must be in a complete uniform. The official referee uniform for PWSRA is the short gold sleeve jersey, black referee shorts (not player shorts -- we do expect that referees will buy a starter kit), and the three-stripe referee sock. If the referees have other colors or sock combinations that match, it is fine to do so. The important thing is referees match color of jersey and style of sock.

Shoes should be black or mostly black. In your first season of referring there is no need to purchase all five colors in long and short sleeves. We encourage you to get by your first season and see if you are going to stick with it. If you decide you like referring then you will be expected to purchase additional jerseys in alternate colors.

Locally, two of our refs are reps for uniform companies. Jim Griffin of Badger Sports (Score), has put together a starter package for the new referee. The package consists of a short sleeve gold jersey, shorts, socks, flags, whistle w/ wrist lanyard, data wallet with yellow and red card and match report forms. The cost is $47 plus tax. Contact Jim at or 703-915-0483. Jim lives near the Howison complex. Klaus Staefe, is a representative for Official Sports. He can get any item from their website, including starter kits, without shipping/handling. His number is 571-223-5991 or email Klaus lives in the Belmont Bay section of Woodbridge near the train station.

Other packages are available locally through some sporting outlets (but not Sports Authority) and via the Internet. Please do not accept an assignment unless you already have a uniform. Retailers often are out of inventory the night before a tournament or beginning of the


While much of our information is available on, we have a wealth of information available publicly at our website,  Please read the sections on Uniforms and, if you are a young referee, the section for Youth Referees. Many of those articles have been written by youth for youth.


Thank you for joining. I look forward to seeing you at our meeting on August 31 and once the season starts on September 11.


Barry L. Sherry
PWSRA Head Referee / PWSI Assignor

Powerpoint Presentation on Using Arbiter

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