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I found out from other campers is they dont have the training oppurtunities and the amount of meetings we have. I think that proves how great the association is -- Stephanie Myrick, PRIDE Academy Camper of the Week

You do a great job mentoring and inspiring young refs. I think at that young age, half the battle is giving them confidence and letting them know what they do well. It also helps to let them know what they are capable of doing and supportively pushing them along. -- Jennifer Myhre

The ref environment, especially for our young refs continues to improve each season - due largely to your continuing to demand that our refs come out each week prepared, professional and ready to take the job seriously. The support they are provided on and off the field  helps them to be more confident which in turn helps everything else fall into place with coaches, parents and players. -- Gayle Whitlock

I just want to thank this staff for a wonderful start in my sons teenage referee career. From the mere words of encouragement, the new referee training camp, to this awesome mentoring program. These young boys and girls don’t know how lucky they are! -- Louis Sozio

I ref with multiple clubs for various reasons but for monthly meetings, programs for youth referees, and weekly communications, it’s black and white. PWSI is the place to be. Acacia Ellis 

The strength of PWSI is its overall support in the development of referees (young and old). The mentoring on the weekends from experienced referees is exceptional. The fact that members of the PWSI Board actually read our game reports and support the referees with regard to coaches/parent/player problems is also important. The assignment process is alsovery easy and straightforward. Always having AR’s when we are expected to call offside is good too. Marty Cox

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