This is a new observation
This is an update to a previous observation
Assistant Coach
Currently certified as a USSF referee
Formerly certified as a USSF referee
Never certified as a USSF referee
Never certified but interested in becoming a referee
Beat the teams to the field
Wasnt there early but got the game underway promptly
Was beginning to wonder if we had a ref
Came to the field in full uniform
Came with socks rolled down or shirt tail out but looked good during match
Socks down, shirt tail out, disshelved appearance during match
Should be working higher games
Did ok at this level but not ready for next level
Needs more experience at easier games
Definitely knows the Laws of the Game
Knows the Laws but questioned his judgment
Misapplied a Law, e.g, awarded IFK for Deliberate Handling
Enjoyed the assignemt/easy to talk with
Business like

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